versioning ver‧sion‧ing [ˈvɜːʆnɪŋ ǁ ˈvɜːrʒ-] noun [uncountable] MARKETING
when a company makes particular versions of products for different markets, customers etc:

• versioning of computer software for individual clients

• Any electronic versioning of the book shall be the subject of a separate agreement between the author and the publisher.

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versioning UK US /ˈvɜːʃənɪŋ/ US  /ˈvɜrʒənɪŋ/ noun [U]
MARKETING the process of changing products to suit different customers or markets: »

The cookware retailer has had success with catalog versioning in different regions of the country.


Versioning of your landing page not only provides valuable measurement opportunities, but it can also give you an advantage in Search Engine Marketing.

IT the use of a particular number to refer to each stage of development of a piece of software, or each new form of a file or document: »

Our developers all follow a strict numbering system to avoid any versioning problems.


The software allows for accurate editing, versioning, and customization of marketing material.


document/file versioning

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